Editor by day, language learner by night (occasionally). A self-learner with a lack of consistency and in desperate need of accountability. Welcome to a slice of my life.

The literal meaning (loosely translated as "immersion") is somewhat restricted and context-specific, but who doesn't appropriate? Bhāshān, to me, is about immersing in and surrendering (myself) to languages.

  • Day 32/365| October 3, 2022: Virelangues
    Virelangues or tongue twisters in French are a nightmare. French pronunciation itself is a nightmare for beginners. Two years ago, I came across a German tongue twister and attempted it (the person who had shared it had also shared the pronunciation). It was not all that difficult for someone who did not speak even one […]
  • Day 31/365| October 2, 2022: Reviewing kanji
    I do not review kanji as often as I should. If I review them every day, I remember them so well it feels as if I will not forget them again no matter what. Then days pass, and I forget that I have not reviewed them in a long time, let alone learn new ones. […]
  • Day 30/365| October 1, 2022: Thirty days of blogging
    I have blogged every day for 30 days. It is surreal that exactly one month ago I decided to start a blog and actually did it, unlike most of the things I want to do. I remember skipping sleep for approximately 48 hours because I had to publish my blog and make sure it was […]
  • Day 29/365| September 30, 2022: Pretending to study with Duolingo
    Today was a good day. I took a day off work (having finished everything by Thursday just so I could take a day off) and spent the entire day reading in bed. You have only got so much time in a day. You cannot read books, learn languages, and be a functioning adult all at […]
  • Day 28/365| September 29, 2022: Color-coding
    Color-coding is a brilliant idea; whoever came up with it is quite the genius. Recently, I have begun to focus on Japanese vocabulary—which I am not the best at, evidently. Today, I wrote down some N5 voculabulary and color-coded them. Green: missed words/should have known/was in doubt Orange: had absolutely no idea Light blue: missed […]

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